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Each month the Doss Team releases 1 video 25 to 30 minutes long pertaining to effective public speaking and communication with those around you.

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Real talk is where members of the program send in a question and Ronnie answers it.

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These 4 to 5-minute videos are perfect for getting motivated and focused on creating a great week.

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This resource is all about being a successful business owner and leader. Personal development and success often go hand in hand but they are not the same thing. 


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  • Lion
  • Relentless 
  • Unstoppable 
  • Emerge

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Meet Ronnie Doss 

Ronnie has trained in the realm of human behavior and personal development for 10+ years. His understanding of why people think, feel and behave gives him phenomenal insights into what may be holding an individual back. Ronnie believes the key to building successful organizations begins with building empowered individuals.

Over the past decade, Ronnie has led leadership training in countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Whether for Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 companies, top-universities, the US military, or non-profit organizations, his message rings very clear; 

“We don’t get what we want, we get what we are committed to.”

 Ronnie has been deemed "the NEW element of LEADERSHIP." In early 2015, Ronnie began working with NASA helping to train participants of their LION leadership program at Kennedy Space Center. He has continued to train teams at AT&T, American Express, and the US Air Force. 

Ronnie is an author of the book, “Leading Lions” and co-host of a leadership podcast, "Like A Doss". He and his wife Jennifer have been married for 12 years and currently live in Nashville, TN with their two daughters, Addison and Kennedy.



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