March 23, 2024

Nashville, Tennesee

When we believe the next level is possible, and surround ourselves with the right people, our future becomes clearer than ever before. 


So why EMERGE?

The most challenging times in our lives can be the catalyst for the greatest amount of growth we have ever experienced. Moving forward after a setback or difficult season makes improving ourselves a very exciting process. EMERGING healthier, wiser, and stronger provides the reward that many individuals miss simply because they quit. Choosing to step back into the race with a clearer vision and more passion is what EMERGE is all about. 

You are here for a reason! 

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Meet Ronnie Doss

Ronnie's in-depth knowledge of psychology and human behavior is what makes his work so impactful and life-changing. With the hundreds of thousands of individuals he's worked with, his message is always the same: 

"We don't get what we want, we get what we are committed to."

Ronnie has facilitated trainings in 11 countries for major corporations, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, Government agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who all have the common goal of leading themselves and others well. 

Now it's time to commit to the building of (one's) Self, and humanity together as one, at this open-to-the-public event in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The Doss Team has been in the people-building business since 2008 and live their lives with one purpose: to build themselves so they can build others.


Pictured here is Ronnie with his wife of 17 years, Jennifer, and their two daughters, Addison and Kennedy. 

They currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee. 


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